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CoE Basics

This section will cover topics that often have questions about them. It will also provide some sources of information to allow continued expansion of your knowledge base.

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Section 1

Titled Responsibilities

A small disclaimer: This information is based off what SbS has released and may vary by tribe or community. The ability to delegate responsibilities to others have been confirmed as a mechanic as well as a trait of leaders.


Sets kingdom wide taxes, laws, etc. This role pushes the culture, religion, etc throughout their domains. They can also drive wars with other kingdoms. The time expected to run a Kingdom within COE for a monarch is 6-8 hours per week (in addition to all other titled roles. Kings/Queens can expect to get a capital.


Essentially the military and legal hands of the King/Queen. They are responsible for defence and the enforcement of laws. Dukes/Duchesses also have a bond with the barons and the ability to defend through the usage of these baronies. This role can set duchy wide taxes and laws. A duke/duchess will likely spend 4-6 hours per week managing their ducal domains in addition to the county and settlement rimes. Ducal leaders can expect to receive a city during domain selection.


This role is based more on the economic and infrastructure development side of the game. They build roads, mines, etc. within their domains. County leaders need to find Efficient and effective ways to utilize the resources within the domains. Counts contribute to local laws and the collection of taxes. The defense of a county comes from interacting with baronies, sheriffs and other defence oriented roles. A county leader should expect to spend 2-4 hours a week managing their counties in addition to the time they spend managing their settlement. County leaders can expect to receive a city or a large town during domain selection.


If a ducal leader is the hand of the military then the baronies are the fingers. These are leaders of settlements dedicated towards the defense of the duchy. They hold a contract with the ducal leader and are responsible for providing the ducal leader with military troops in exchange for funding. Yes, Barons/Baronesses have to pay taxes to counts still. Everything in the mayor/mayoress section also pertains to this role. However, the focus is different.


Collects taxes within their settlement and is responsible for zoning lands and setting production goals within their settlements. Defense of the settlements does not solely fall on baronies and ducal leaders. The ultimate responsibility for the defense of a settlement is the mayor's. Someone in this role can expect to dedicate 1-5 hours per week (pending on settlement size) towards managing their settlement. (can expect a town).

Section 2

Merging/Transferring/Willing/Gifting/Trading in


Someone that has multiple packages can merge these packages into one. These accounts keep everything within their packages and most things stack. Things that do not stack are items such as Alpha or Beta access (an account with 2 access points to Alpha 1 doesn’t make sense after all). This takes place BEFORE domain selection. I will be discussing the way domain sizes are impacted in the next section.


Someone that has titles but does not desire to use them can transfer them to another player! All titles get transferred and items related to those titles (Yes, that includes the Manor or Villa and coat of arms). All other package rewards such as Influence, EP, and Sparks of life stay with the original account. This takes place BEFORE domain selection. I will be discussing the way domain sizes are impacted in the next section.


An individual that has titles can enter domain selection and select their domains. They can then turn around and “Will” the titles over to a friend. This gives the control of the domain to that individual. Using this method allows someone to will over some of their titles but maintain others. IE someone with a count package can will over the mayoral position to someone or will over the count position. They can also will over both count and mayor roles if they desire. The benefits of doing this is that domain selection is influence based and this method will allow for the person with higher influence to select the location.


You can gift a package to a friend! It will transfer all contents of the package to that individual. However, the influence stays with the person that paid for the package. This package can then be merged to another account/package if desired.

Selling for EP

You heard that right! If you have a title you do not want, you can sell it for EP! The current, anticipated value is: The pack with the title you are selling – the next highest package divided by 2. You then take this number and multiply it by 10. If you are a Count (courtier) that will be 1000 - the magistrate package (500) and divide that by 2 which is 250. You then multiple 250 x 10 to equal 2500. So you would sell the count title for 2500 EP total. This is the expected rate and is subject to change.

What happens to my domain?

Merging and Transferring

These methods allow the combining of settlements and domains. If you combine two counties, you select two side by side locations during domain selection and they will merge together with a single “Capital” (note: capital does not mean a capital in terms of settlement size). The same will be of duchies and kingdoms. As for settlements, each package tier offers a difference in how many parcels you will acquire on combining. Mayoral packages will give a settlement an additional 9 parcels of land + buildings and population to supplement those lands. A county pledge will add 25 parcels of land + buildings and population to supplement those lands. Ducal pledges add 49 parcels of land + buildings and population to supplement those lands. And additional monarch pledges add 81 parcels + buildings and population to supplement those lands.

Section 3

What is EP/IP/Influence/Exposition/Story Points


Ep is an in-game currency that is also known as Exposition points. These points are dedicated towards the fleshing out of the world before official launch and can only be spent during the Exposition period. If you don’t spend your EP during exposition, they will convert to story points.

Gifting EP Items

It has been confirmed that players can gift items purchased with EP to other players. This can be done across servers.


Exposition is a 3-month pre-launch period that is dedicated towards shaping and preparing the world and domains for the surge at launch. Anyone with bloodline + can access exposition.


If you guessed these two things are the same, then you were absolutely correct! IP means influence points which is the exact same as influence. This is a currency that helps determine exactly when titled individuals can select their domain during domain selection. The higher your IP, the sooner you get to pick a domain. IP is earned based on how much you spent. Every dollar = 10 IP. You can also earn IP by recruiting new people to the game (they must buy a package). For every new member you acquire 50IP.

Story Points

These are an in-game currency that is acquired by actively playing the game. Story Points (SP) is utilized to claim a heir and maintain a role (or acquire a new role). The cost of SP increases as the rank or influence of the position increases. So a claiming a heir that will be a count will cost more than claiming a heir that will be a farmer or a mayor. Story Points may also be utilized to purchase sparks of life (will be discussed in the next section).

Section 4

Sparks of Life, Souls, and Permadeath

Sparks of life & Souls

Sparks of life (Sparks). are essentially a character based subscription model and they go hand and hand with souls. They cost 30$ currently and have a baselife of 52 RL weeks.

Every package you can purchase comes with 3 souls. Upon character creation (or when entering a heir) you can select which one of these souls you desire to play. Souls have different affinities and skill ramps from their past lives. And as your character experiences permadeath – you can use the same soul gaining skill ramps (increases speed of progression) in the skills you worked on during the past. After selecting a soul, a spark of life is utilized to allow you to take control of that character for a certain amount of time (more information in Permadeath section).

Is a video that covers some of this information from the eyes of a character.



COE has permadeath but it isn’t ‘hardcore’ mode where you permadie after a single death. Basically, each spark of life (essentially your subscription) is placed into a soul and the body of a character to take over. This spark of life has a base life of 52 real life weeks (basically a year). As you experience death within the world of COE your spark diminishes causing you to lose some game time. As time goes on your spark will completely die out and your character will die permanently. However, your soul goes back into the soulpool. You can then utilize a new spark of life to activate that same soul into your heir.

It is important to note that SbS has stated that most people should expect to live 6-8RL Months before they permadie. However, those with more aggressive styles may only be around for 3 months. More information on spark diminishment will be covered in the next section.

I like to think of permadeath within COE as a way to become more efficient at learning and developing skills.

Section 5

Spark Loss


Death within COE is how your spark’s duration fades over time. Every time you die, you are expected to lose about 2 days of RL playtime from the spark of life. That means over the course of 11 months, you have to die 15 times to lose the final months’ worth of playtime.

Have you ever been a game where an individual kept killing you over and over? Well I can understand why that would be a fear within this game. SbS has thought of a potential solution to this issue. After death and an initial spark loss of two days, you cannot lose more sparktime when you die for another 2.5 hours. This means if someone decides to try to camp your body, your sparktime will be safe.


The above section mentioned that each death is a loss of 2 RL day's’ worth of playtime. However, this is not always the case. People that are extremely influential to the storyline will suffer additional sparkloss. For example, a king that dies will lose 32 times more spark than a farmer. This means that when a king dies they are losing 64 RL day's worth of playtime.

Section 6

Tribe Comparison

Please see excel titled Tribal Comparison. This will give a detailed breakdown of the current known information regarding tribes. It does not go into lore.

Tribe Comparison Google Doc



Culture ~ Religion ~ Language

Skills&Professions ~ Social Classes ~ Leadership ~ Military

Biome ~ Foods ~ Housing ~ Clothing ~ Tools/Weapons ~ Containers


Section 7

I am titled and worry about the tribes I can be…

Rather than describing this part in my own words, I’ll show it directly from the source.

Section 8

What does the development timeline look like.

It is important to note that all times posted above are the development phases and not the expected release dates.


Section 9

Section 10

Section 11


First of all, huge thanks to Cy Jarri for making this Guide for our newcomers!


Developers Q/As

Instead of going over each Q/A…. here is the video log for youtube!


and the video log for Twitch!



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