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Far and wide, the people who have come to call themselves “Alésians” are picking up the pieces of the old empire of Xeilias. In these troubled times, we have found comfort in a renewed sense of community and solidarity while striving to create a better future for our fledgling kingdom. People from all walks of life are working together towards this common goal, and we have come to see the value that each of us has to offer.

The Xeilias Symbol recreated with the Alésian Symbol

The difficult times we faced hadn’t dampened our spirits. To celebrate the coronation of the new monarch, an extravagant ball was held while festivities ran throughout the lands, establishing a tradition that continues to this day. With time, peace and prosperity have returned to our people. Prominent citizens may receive an invitation from The Crown to partake in a spectacular masquerade event in the royal capital, held in honor of our kingdom’s enduring success.

Our newly sovereign realm required a new government. Even while the dust was still settling in the wake of the empire’s collapse, we Alésians rallied behind our boldest and most dedicated leader. Upon ascension to power, this new ruler called upon two grand councils: one composed of the new dukes of the realm, and the other of exemplary common folk. This would ensure a voice for everyone from the highest of lords to the humblest of laborers.

The warriors among us choose to celebrate peace in their own way: by perfecting their skills and keeping in top form. Tournaments have become a common event in Alésia, providing an outlet for our fighters to show off their martial prowess. A magnificent arena was constructed for those would-be champions seeking the most intense battles.

The Alésian expo is a massive festival regularly held by artisans, craftsmen, and people from a variety of other professions. There you can find all manner of goods and trade items made by locals across the kingdom as they demonstrate their skills and look for apprenticeships.

Festivities and fights are important, but they do not build and sustain a kingdom. The movement and exchange of goods is the true lifeblood of any wealthy nation. To that end, trade cities were established along our borders and the routes leading to the most bustling regions. They are the destinations for travelers and citizens alike seeking exotic wares, tales from distant lands, or to learn about the happenings of the world.

Our centers of learning and the arts are perhaps our greatest assets. Alésia’s commitment to knowledge keeps our academies at the cutting edge of research and development. Institutions such as the Bardic Arts and the theatre are celebrated for the cultural richness they provide.