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Grand Diùcachd Neart Agus Sìth

Welcome to the Grand Diùcachd Neart Agus Sìth, where Domination Through Any Means is our mantra. I come before you this day to make you aware of the wonderful opportunities available within my lands. The Diùcachd is run by Diùc Daibhidh Anaman. We are sworn to Xeilias, which we require all Aristocracy-level subjects and above (Counts/Countesses and Barons/Baronesses) to join should they wish to be a part of our Diùcachd.


What is Grand Diùcachd Neart Agus Sìth?

Grand Diùcachd Neart Agus Sìth is a Diùcachd primarily focused on our military. That is not the only thing we focus on though. We also value education, for without education, no one can be at their best. We hope to attract researchers, crafters, merchants, one and all to help our Diùcachd prosper and grow.


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for loyal subjects that wish to live the life they want in prosperity, and with the benevolent protection of a fierce lord. I will protect the people that live and work in my lands with the ferocity of a sheepdog protecting his flock. No matter if you want to PvP, craft, research, etc. Whatever you wish to do, we want to be the Diùcachd that you want to live in. Some may have heard that Xeilias is not a nice group. I daresay they don’t know what they are talking about. We enjoy having fun. We don’t want to pick on anyone, and we will zealously defend our lands and citizens so that they may prosper.



Diùc: Diùc Dabhidh Anaman

Ban-diùc: OPEN

Chamberlain: OPEN



The Exchequer: OPEN - The Exchequer is the person in charge of the Diùcachd’s monies. He/She is in charge of collecting taxes, paying the King/Queen’s taxes, paying the military, paying for infrastructure upgrades, etc.

The Warrior: Eriwes - The Warrior is the General in overall charge of the Diùcachd’s military forces. He/She is in charge of recruiting, disposition, strategy, etc. of the Diùcachd’s military forces.

The Marshall: OPEN - The Marshall is in charge of both enforcing the Diùcachd’s laws as well as punishing those that break them. Commanding the policing forces within the Diùcachd, He/She will be responsible for recruitment, disposition, punishment, and other duties pertaining to the force's use and maintenance.

The Shadow: CHESHIRE - The Shadow is the head spy/assassin for the Diùcachd. He/She is in charge of the spies and assassins that operate on behalf of the Diùcachd.

The Tongue: OPEN - The Tongue is the ambassador for the Diùcachd. He/She is responsible for keeping relations in line with the Diùc’s desires.

The Builder: LORD MAYOR VOLUERUNT - The Builder is the Head of the Interior of the Diùcachd. He/She is responsible for constructing and maintaining public buildings, roadways, bridges, and various other public works. He/She is also responsible for education, whether it comes through Academy contracts or developing an internal education system.


Key Personas:

The Shield: OPEN - The Shield is the Captain in charge of the Diùc’s Personal Guard. The personal guard is the elite 24/7 fighters, that guards the Diùc with their lives.

Count: Greatcloak

Count: Mein

Count: Tyson

Count: Kab

Baron/Mayor: Klein Von Krauler

Baron/Mayor: Asger Dayne

Baron/Mayor: Thunder

Baron/Mayor: ClockworkESP

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