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What is the Elyrian Assistance Program?

We are a group of donors looking to help those players who have shown dedication and passion for Chronicles of Elyria, and cannot afford the game, a chance at playing the game by gifting them Elyrian package from the CoE store, or gifting them your spare copy of the game from your own purchase of the 'Carriage for two'.

What do you need to do?

First, regardless if you are a donor or in need of this program, the best place to start would be our discord, which can be found through the We See Hope picture below. Just give it a click and be directed to our discord!

If you are in need of a copy of the game, just visit our application channel and give us your forum name and a brief description of why you need/deserve a copy of the game. If you are a prospective donor, just hop into the discord and search through the applicants for someone you feel deserving of your donation.

Lastly, we need help from everyone to search their community and identify people who may need and want our help! Not everyone is comfortable being public about financial troubles and may be hesitant to jump in here without a boost from someone they know and trust in their community.

What you need to know!

I myself have already donated several packages and I plan to personally fund at least one per month. My hope is that we can find enough generous donors that we can fulfill someones dream at least once a week and hopefully even more!

Without further adieu, I encourage all of you to join us and lend your support! Even if you cannot be a donor, and don't need the assistance, we can always use people to help find others who can donate or who need the help. We will also need people to help vet the applicant in the event of a backlog to find those who are most worthy of the program. I thank you all for your time, and I hope to see many great things happen in the future!

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