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Economy Overview

Alésia desires to have a mixed economic approach where citizens have the right to develop their own organizations. The government may also play a role within business operations and may allocate funds based on a budget.


We cannot go in depth as to the products Alésia will produce. However, we can begin to look at three fundamental questions:

1. What are we going to produce?

2. How are we going to produce it?

3. How are we going to distribute what we produce?

As time pushes onward and we see the biome(s) that Alésia has, within its borders, we will be able to address the topic of production in a more detailed manner.



In a world as vast and diverse as Elyria, trade will play a pivotal role in the success of a kingdom. This is another aspect that we cannot go into full detail on due to limited information. However, we can mention a few different approaches that we are considering:

1. Tariffs – A tax on goods that are imported or exported to/from another Kingdom or an organization beyond our borders.

2. Potential restrictions on certain strategic resources that may weaken the interests of Alésia.

This section will slowly develop as we become more familiar with our location, who our neighbors are, and the types of production that will take place within Alésia.


The Government needs funds to function properly and taxation is one method to obtain the necessary funds.

We aim to create a tax system that:

1. Is easy to measure and track

2. Easy to understand and is not overly complicated (easy to communicate)

3. Has a manageable collection process

4. Provides the kingdom with sufficient funds

Although taxation systems within COE are still unknown, we are aware that tax flows from citizens/gentry à Settlements à Counties à Duchies à Monarchs. Another thing we know is that COE will consist of a land based tax system and we intend to utilize this. Alésia may promote a land appraisal system to determine the tax rates of certain parcels.


How will the government spend money?

Funds will be spent in a variety of different ways. The Alésian government may spend money on infrastructure, research and development, military, federal law enforcement, and community events. This is not an all-inclusive list and it will expand over the future.


New Player & Retention Programs

An organization will collapse without recruiting new members and retaining veteran members. This will also be true for the Kingdom.

New Player Program

- To recruit new members Alésia will sponsor players to find and guide new players in Elyria showing them a friendly face and teaching them the ropes of COE.

Gear Replacement Program

– The Kingdom may offer replacement gear for individuals that are on Kingdom sponsored tasks or missions. They will also be provided provisions for the duration of their task or mission. These benefits are provided in addition to other compensation. The gear replacement program does not apply to military personnel that do not follow the military doctrine.