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Duchy of Orpheus


The Duchy of Orpheus is a Xeilian Duchy within the Kingdom of Alesia. The reigning Duke is Klytos Alkeides. We are one of two Xeilian Duchies. Xeilias is a PvP focused group led by Phyllain. We intend to be ready for any threats against the Kingdom.

We will strive to be the best in all areas of gameplay: agriculture, commerce, warfare and other crucial areas are essential to our success, and will be managed efficiently. Military tactics will be honed, equipment will be streamlined, and farming techniques will be developed to create the highest yields for the least amount of grunt work.

During peacetime, all citizens of Orpheus are free to play however they wish, as long as they operate within the law. During a time of war, however, everyone will be fully engaged with the war effort - in whatever area of expertise you choose. Farmers will be feeding the troops, smiths will be forging our weapons, and warriors will be slaughtering our enemies. Refusal to participate is not allowed during wartime, as our survival is at stake.


Code of Conduct (Currently just the fundamentals)

•There shall be no murder.

•There shall be no theft.

•There shall be no unjust persecution. This includes vigilantism. The only time anyone will be persecuted in the Duchy is when it is clear the individual has committed a crime.

•There shall be no discrimination. This includes race, age, gender, religious and all other forms.



Duke Klytos Alkeides is the leader of Orpheus. Leadership will pass down to his heirs.

Currently, there are only a select few on the Dukes council. The leadership team will remain small until new leaders step up and prove themselves to me and the rest of the council. During pre-launch, prospective leaders can and should participate in other games with the Duchy in order to demonstrate their skills.



The specific biome we get is largely up to chance, at least for the time being. However, we would like to prioritise a region with benefits toward PvP in whatever biome we end up in. Should this not be possible, we will choose whatever region we feel will put us at the greatest advantage. This decision process will be based on location within the kingdom and available resources.

Currently, our top three biome choices would be:


•Tropical Rainforest


•Mountain Steppe


Currently, these biomes stand out to us due to what they bring to the table in terms of resources and natural protection.


Due to these biome choices, our top three Tribe choices would be:






Currently, these Tribes stand out due to the biomes they reside in, along with their attributes as a people. Each stands out in some form. Whether that be physical prowess or cunning trickery. They all bring unique gameplay that is sure to provide exciting gameplay.

Biome and Tribe choices were selected by factoring in both Tribe and biome strengths/weaknesses. (As viewed by us personally.)



The military within the Duchy will be led by experienced individuals. The Duchy army will gravitate towards a composition made up by whatever we feel is meta at any given time. The Duchy will do its best to help anyone with gear, but we will only be supplying gear that is proven to be successful. Anyone wishing to go to battle with sub-optimal gear will be required to supply all their own equipment.

While not at war, military personnel will assist in all manners of defence within the Duchy as well as within the Kingdom if called upon. Day to day tasks may also include guarding supply runs, clearing out bandits, or escorting vulnerable citizens.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to go into too much depth on military discussion until further game mechanics are known.



As a Duchy, we will need all sorts of players in order to succeed. We plan on being completely self-sustaining. Our biome will play a massive part in what we can do within the Duchy. However, the basic necessities will always be in demand. We will need people to grow/hunt our food, gather our resources’ refine our products, and distribute them all within the Duchy. This is a vital part of our success and will be our main focus when starting out.

Duke Klytos will give assistance to groups focusing on the economics of the Duchy. This will include manpower, building infrastructure, using EP to help build out certain areas, etc.



We believe technology is one of the most important ways to stay a step ahead of the competition. As such, there will be a massive university built within the capital city, along with several universities and schools build in surrounding towns/cities.


Capital City

The capital of Orpheus will be the great city of Orestias. The current plan is for Orestias to be a stronghold the likes of which the world has never seen. Every commercial and industrial building one could possibly desire will have a place in the city. Orestias will be a beacon of hope to all of those it stands to protect. A symbol of power and beauty.

We will build the greatest city possible from the materials available.

Orestias will be a busy trade hub where all manner of goods can be found. Our merchants will travel across the known world in search of exotic and precious objects to sell in the markets.

Our walls will stand tall should any force try to threaten us. The protection of our citizens is of the utmost importance. Should the city come under siege there will be safe havens within the city to shelter those unable to fight.



The people of Orpheus believe it naive to worship any single god, while ignoring the others. The entire pantheon of Elyrian gods are worshipped within Orpheus. Grand temples to each can be found within her borders. (This can potentially include community created gods. Send me a private message and we can work out any details.)



Duke Klytos will be purchasing each of the major kits for the Duchy. Military, culture, technology and religion. I feel these kits will further enhance our development in accordance with our goals.

Due to these kits having a large effect on the citizens, Duke Klytos will take suggestions on which way to use these kits into consideration.



The Duchy of Orpheus has pledged allegiance to the Kingdom of Alesia, together we will build the greatest empire Elyria has ever seen.

Orpheus will do everything in our power to protect and maintain the virtues of Alesia and all her citizens.

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