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These are a few examples of the events we wish to take place within Alésia


The Ball

The Ball is a kingdom-wide period of celebration that features the tradition of holding massive parties and dances. This is a mostly light-hearted roleplay focused event meant to encourage players to socialize and gather for group activities that are purely for fun or flavour. It also allows for people to build up their fame by getting to know others of higher title.

The Masquerade

A spectacular masquerade is traditionally held in the royal city, with attendees disguising themselves and attempting to guess the true identity of others. The crown invites several prominent members of the realm to attend this exclusive event. This is another roleplaying event similar to the Ball. Identifying each disguised person is made into a game.


The Alésian Expo

The Alésian Expo Is a huge travelling trade show and market event. Crafters, merchants, and other skilled professionals gather in a massive caravan to travel around the kingdom, setting up stalls and demonstrations for citizens and foreign visitors alike as they go. This is an excellent opportunity for merchants to sell exotic wares, for craftspeople to show off the quality of their goods and gain notoriety, and for aspiring tradespeople to find someone to apprentice under. This is a way for people to show their skills which brings in everyone being able to “boost” their skill set by watching others in the profession and get a chance to see if it is something that they want to do. It’s a way to not only get your name known but also test the different professions for newcomers or any citizens of the kingdom. While being able to do this you gain the fame from demonstrating and talking around with others from the kingdom during the event.

The Arena

Events currently in progress. Details to come soon!