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About Alésia

Welcome to Alésia! We intend to be a kingdom on the Luna server (North America - East) in Chronicles of Elyria. This plan is a joint commitment between two candidates - Violet and Phyllain - for the Free Kingdom contest. Our communities have come together to establish a shared interest and to build a home for all of us. While the candidates and their communities may be very different, this makes them especially complimentary. This union will create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.


Imagine a Kingdom that doesn’t need to lean on the others; a place that empowers the community to play in the manner they desire; a home that focuses on creating an environment that promotes community interaction. This is what my campaign aims to create and it all starts here and now, with the development of a community and our initial framework.

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Core Values


Alésia was founded with three fundamental values at our heart: Community, Integrity, and Knowledge.

Our top priority has always been Community – for what is a kingdom without its people? We aim to provide an environment where people feel like they belong by encouraging community representatives within our government structure and promoting community wide events.

No one likes being lied to or disrespected. We show Integrity by being true to ourselves, our community, Alésia, and the entire COE community.

We understand the need and desire for continued advancement and progress. By keeping the community properly informed, pushing for continued improvement of technology, and by promoting novel approaches, we utilize Knowledge to the fullest.

Our Vision